I want to start my first business

Whether you want to start a new innovative start-up, open a bar or a business in your city, we love all dreams indiscriminately. From the first steps or first doubts, every idea has entrepreneurial value if developed strategically.

I already started my business

Having a small business that daily face significant costs, does not mean sacrificing the quality of a large consulting firm. In addition, we offer the possibility of a constant assistance and to have a financial department specifically created in accordance to needs and resources; completely at disposal to monitor, to develop and to implement the firm’s performances.



A business plan combined with the development of your brand, are not tools to impress an investor or a bank. They are the guide to follow to be able to face any situation and possible problem.

Assistance and training developing your idea

Start today! Modulate your package: Business Plan + website + logo

Funding research

Improving the performances of your business

“Your CFO”, your financial director on demand

Creating your brand and strategic digital marketing plan

We help you to differentiate yourself in the market through intangible values, as your brand and the trust that can be created in your customers


Everybody can be creators, authors and entrepreneurs for something, when we know the steps to take.

Through motivation, training and support, we help you to make your dream true.


We think the road is easier when you are not alone.

We provide a continue consultancy from the development of the idea and the business plan, researching funds.

We are passionate to accompany the projects on which we work as long as possible. Informal but serious, we are first of all motivators: we provide you with the means and knowledge to achieve your goals.

With features such as customized conditions, possibility to have a financial department specifically created and with the possibility of withdrawal in 30 days: we have created a more responsible financial system than the classic accounting company, and most important, it is cheaper.


Business Plan Studio is the business consultancy service that allows anyone with an idea, to make his dream true.

A service with the quality of your dreams, at prices that allow you to make them reality: thanks to the creation of a dynamic and international network of qualified experts, with experience and complementary skills.

Luigi Canzanella is its creator.


The Business Plan has been prepared but, to be completed, needs a critical review by a professional
I drafted the descriptive part of the Business Plan but, in relation to the financial side, I do not have the necessary skills
I want to entrust totally myself to a professional